Random Article Projects

Want an extraordinarily engaging podcast for your organisation?  We can make that happen.

At Random Article Projects, we’re here to help you make a fascinating podcast about your organisation.

Podcasts are:

  • An amazingly intimate communication medium that allows you to talk directly to someone’s imagination.
  • A hugely cost effective form of content creation, miles more engaging than written content, at a fraction of the cost of video.
  • The most effective method by which to tell the story of your organisation to the world.

And a good story well told is crucial.  It’s the best way to educate people about what you do, engage people with issues that matter or simply make sure your organisation stays at the front of people’s minds.

At Random Article Projects we make extraordinarily engaging podcasts and audio content, because we know stories, and we believe everyone has one.  Our speciality is working with subjects that people don’t know enough about and as a result don’t think are interesting.  And then we prove that those subjects are, in fact, enthralling.

You have a message you want to give the world, we can make it engaging and memorable.  If you’d like to know more, contact our lead creative May Jasper at: may@randomarticle.net and we can talk about how this would work for you.

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