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Episode 2: Model Airports

Episode Summary

Yes, you read that correctly.  Model airports.

Some people who like model airplanes build model airports to put their model airplanes in.  But while building model airplanes is a pretty common hobby, building model airports is super uncommon, almost unheard of.

Reasons why building model airports is uncommon include:

– Mathematics

– Creativity

– The nature of mankind (specifically our never ending fascination with war and violence)


Link to Wikipedia page



Stuff too cool to fit in the episode

Hobby Shops and Clubs

I spoke to many hobby shop owners for this episode, all of whom were lovely and almost unreasonably generous with their time.  If you are based in Melbourne and want to get into model building or collecting, I recommend that you stop by one of these fine establishments.

  • Metro Hobbies, Level 1, 21 Swanston St, Melbourne (ask for Gino)
  • Models and Hobbies 4 U, 114 Boronia Rd, Boronia (ask for Chris)
  • Model Mania, Mezzanine Level, 94 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (ask for Nick or Matthew)
  • Brunel Hobbies, 20 Station Road, Cheltenham (ask for John or Mary)
  • Branchline, 490 Dorset Road, Croydon (a model train shop, ask for Steven)


If you are already a model maker and you want to hang out with fellow enthusiasts you should join the Eastern Suburbs Scale Modelling Club.  They’re a lovely, welcoming bunch.


Also I spoke to a few people at Hobby Zone.  Their interviews did not end up in the episode because they specialize in remote controlled model aircraft, which are undeniably cool, but built on way too big of a scale too ever consider constructing a model airport for.  I may end up releasing a mini-episode about remote controlled aircraft because they are super interesting, but in the meantime if you want to see some remote control aircraft in action (or have a go at flying one yourself) head along on Saturdays to HEMAC (they have their own air strip!).

Here are all the things about Miniatur Wunderland:

Thing 1, you can explore the Wunderland using Google Street View.  Do it.  It’s awesome.

Thing 2, Miniatur Wunderland’s Youtube channel is a masterpiece.


Thing 3, here’s a video of a plane taking off (recorded by Alanna King, investigative reporter).


Thing 4, here’s a video of a plane taking off at night time (recorded by Alanna King, investigative reporter).


Thing 5, here’s what happens when the fire engines come (mic drop).



So, presumably the model airports need to be extra big to fit in the model A380s? (Haven’t listened it all yet…)

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