Random Article is audio documentary style podcast hosted by May Jasper. To make each episode May clicks the random article button on Wikipedia, which brings up one of their millions of articles, a tiny, specificity filled topic, brimming with potential. She researches it, gets obsessed by it, ties the results up with podcast string and presents them to you, with a smile.

Sometimes the article is about a genus of moth that is rare to the point of being un-google-able. Sometimes it’s about the man who changed Fidel Castro’s mind about the Beatles. Sometimes it’s about people who build model airports, to put their model airplanes in.

Every episode explores a new sub-culture, sub-genre, sub-species, sub-reddit. A new field of human understanding that, given the correct application of constant curiosity and everlasting enthusiasm, leads to a fascinating story. Every. Single. Time.


MayJMay Jasper, writer and presenter of Random Article

May Jasper is the host and main researcher for Random Article. Before getting into radio she spent fifteen years as a published playwright and internationally touring performer. She has written and performed in critically acclaimed shows like not a very good story, Murder at Warrabah House, Speaking, and May and Alia do Pirates! (of Penzance).